About Us

Penn Consultants is one of those happy accidents that developed from networking and multi-sector meetings.  Ray and Peter discovered that they shared a set of complementary skills, values and philosophies that made it easy for them to work well together with a wide range of clients to create good teamwork, achieve good results and build long term supporting relationships.

Coming from widely divergent commercial career backgrounds, both are results oriented and crafted successful corporate lives by being able to achieve agreed goals. Since the advent of Penn Consultants, they have mainly applied their abilities to the health and social care sectors, whilst remaining target focussed. The emphasis has changed over the years, but keeping up-to-date has provided a wide and satisfied customer base.

The ability to engage with all the members of the team and keep themselves aware of the changing situation and requirements has been one of the keys to success. As clients and their needs have changed and the area of work has altered, Penn has developed to maintain the ability to make the pieces of the jigsaw fit together. Across the voluntary, independent and private sectors, plus publicly funded organisations, working locally and nationally, hard work, discretion and honesty have forged excellent working partnerships.

Our long term goal is to help our clients to achieve the recognition that co-operative working and the sharing of best practise brings, so achieving a quantifiable improvement in the ability of teams, departments and organisations to assess, gauge, monitor and reach their objectives.