What We Do

Organisational development

  • Work with organisations to build their business, creating targeted solutions within a budgeted framework. Creating a management structure that works.
  • Achieving CQC registration and rectifying compliance issues.
  • Policy and procedure development.
  • Maximising business value for those looking to market their enterprise.
  • Marketing organisations to their potential customer base, drawing up marketing plans including website development, use of media and staff involvement.
  • Feasibility surveys, are your plans viable? Is your organisation going in the right direction for success?
  • Bid writing, for Pre Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs), Invitation to Tender, ITTs), Expression of Interest (EOIs)
  • Mentoring of managers, helping to overcome high turnover

Staff development

  • Training needs analyses to enable organisations to find out what they need and how to obtain training and any available funding.
  • Leadership & management
  • Providing help to develop staff and realise their potential through certified and custom training programmes.

Network and contact development

  • Creating customer contact databases for marketing purposes
  • Contacting and surveying potential attendees
  • Organising and facilitating networking events

Event management

  • Organising locations and successful events from idea to completion, through stand management, invitations, badging, surveys, etc
  • Sourcing keynote speakers and people to run seminars and workshops
  • Events can be a private limited invitation group for example coming to a provider’s group, or a wide range of interested parties attending a multi function event with exhibition stands, keynote speeches and seminars, or workshops.
  • Post event survey and reporting


  • Building the organisation’s unique selling point into a co-ordinated range of marketing tools
  • Overhauling outdated marketing tools
  • Working with an organisation to market their services to new and established markets to maximise their capabilities. So making sure services are well used, beds are full, day care and domiciliary services are utilised


  • Gaining CQC registration and working with organisations to maintain compliance and making sure that all relevant staff understand their targeted role.
  • Policy and procedure development